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We ask that you please provide your ACH (Automated Clearing House) information so we can make payments directly into your company's bank account. This will streamline the payment process and prevent delays in payment. If funds to which your company is not entiled are inadvertently deposited to your company's account, you agree to direct the bank to return said funds to Rayonier within one business day of Rayonier's written request.

Please provide the name and contact information of the person at your company who we should contact in order to get the updated certificate(s) of insurance.

The link to Rayonier's Supplier Code of Coduct is on the 'Supplier' page on Rayonier's website.

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Please attach in the below section the completed copy of your W-9 and your current certificate(s) of insurance. Copies of the W-9 is located on the 'Supplier' page on Rayonier's webiste.

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